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Demonstrate Gratitude and Compassion to Help Others Heal

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<h1>Demonstrate Gratitude and Compassion to Help Others Heal </h1>

Each week, we’ll share interesting health and healing-related stories in the news. Following is a round up of articles about physical, emotional and spiritual health and healing that could be applied to health ministries.

Episcopal Churches Pick Up Pieces After Hurricane Sandy
Episcopal churches in the Province II mid-Atlantic coastal dioceses of New Jersey, New York and Long Island were not only left picking the pieces after Hurricane Sandy, they also reached out to their neighbors in a time of community crises.

The need for help is ongoing. What can your parish contribute to help?

Pressure, Stress on Clergy Have Negative Spiritual, Physical Effects
Health ministries are focused on serving the congregation and community, sometimes it’s easy to forget to support clergy. Duke Divinity School’s Clergy Health Initiative provides the tools, offering "preventative care in a spiritual context.” That context consists of spiritual, physical and mental counseling, stress management, weight loss program and theology. Presbyterian, Lutheran and Methodist Churches have set up support networks for clerical health. The Episcopal Church’s network is the CREDO Institute, which supports physical, emotional, financial, vocational and spiritual well-being of clergy.

Health and Healing Through Gratitude
It’s been well researched, the impact that negative emotions have on health. So how do we overcome them? Prayer and bible study set the foundation. Here are five additional tips for practicing gratitude, from Dr. Tiffany Johnson, family chiropractor at Healing Touch Chiropractic. 



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