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CREDO: Walk and Be Well

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<h1>CREDO: Walk and Be Well</h1>

From CREDO: Jesus spent much of his ministry walking. From town to town across Galilee, Samaria and Judea, he walked and talked, in the company of his disciples, his followers and God.

CREDO's Walk and Be Well offers a way to follow Jesus both in words and action, with a walking program attuned to both body and soul. The Walk and Be Well reflections in both text and audio are brief guideposts to help you begin your daily walk with one of three CREDO writers: Jackie Cameron,  Elizabeth Moosbrugger, or Bill Watson. Reflections can be downloaded as podcasts, streamed from the CREDO website, and printed as pdfs; use them while walking solely or share them with your walking partner or group.

Walk and Be Well begins with an introduction from Jackie Cameron followed by reflections for 28 walking days and a concluding reflection. The distance and pace is up to you. Walk and Be Well is your opportunity to join other CREDO participants, whether they're in your area or they live far away, in committing to four weeks of walking as a benefit to your physical and spiritual health and well-being.

CREDO: Walk and Be Well