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Be A Player: Free Sports Physicals

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<h1>Be A Player: Free Sports Physicals</h1>

For more information on how your parish can run a similar program, contact:

The Rev. Danielle Morris
St. Michael’s Episcopal Church
Orlando, Florida 32814
407- 645-2102


ORLANDO, FL, AUGUST 14, 2010:  St. Michael’s Episcopal Church will conduct “Be a Player” free sports physicals to area children on August 14, 2010, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm only. Children must have their parents’ written permission. No physicals may be given without written consent. Forms for physicals must be obtained from schools or from coaches.  

Chances are most of us don’t think of kids who play high school sports as being at risk.  After all, becoming physically active is supposed to be good for us. Yet, the spring 2007 issue of the Journal of Athletic Training reports that “Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) affects more than 400,000 people annually in the United States and is the leading cause of death among young athletes.”   

Theodore Abraham, M.D., a Johns Hopkins cardiologist, points out that a healthy appearance and top physical condition can hide the warning signs, letting many students go undiagnosed. Most pediatric cardiologist, therefore, suggest that a   sports physical that includes an electrocardiogram (ECG) can detect a pre-existing problem and can be a preventable measure. For most parents in this tight economy, however, paying for an extra physical plus an ECG is simply impossible. What’s a parent to do?

Last August, St. Michael’s Episcopal Church in College Park arranged for children in our community to receive free sports physicals. The church never dreamed that their efforts might have saved a life. Yet it almost did. Some 90 students were seen by volunteer doctors and through Orlando Magic’s Athletic Development Specialist, Joe Rogowski. Joe’s organization, Athlete’s Heart, whose staff was able to give children much needed ECGs. On Monday following Be a Player, Orlando Dr. Augustin Ramos, a pediatric cardiologist, read the ECGs and discovered one young boy had a potentially serious heart blockage. Without the ECG he received, one young man who may have had a grim future now has received,  at no cost to his family, the medical attention necessary to have a bright future.  

Due to the success of last year’s Be a Player program, St. Michael’s Episcopal Church, with the support of area physicians, church volunteers, athletic trainers, Innovative Printing, and Publix Supermarkets, will again conduct free sports physicals for children on August 14, 2010, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Athletic Heart will donate free resting ECGs as well as give out cardiac information as it pertains to student athletics.

These free sports physicals will be given at St. Michael’s Episcopal Church located in College Park at 2499 N. Westmoreland Drive, Orlando, Florida. Children must have their parents’ written permission in order to participate.   Forms for physicals must be obtained from schools or from coaches. If you would like more information or if you would like  to pre-register, you may obtain a pre-registration application by coming by the church or by calling the church office at (407) 843-8448. Those who pre-register will also receive a free gift and lunch provided by Publix Supermarket in Baldwin Park.  

Look for a profile of this program on Michelle Obama's site Let’s Move, to be featured after this year's event!