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Anglican Health Network

submitted March 16, 2010 by Revd Paul Holley   |   comments
<h1>Anglican Health Network</h1>

I am grateful to Matthew Ellis for inviting me to write something about the Anglican Health Network (AHN). This is a new initiative that seeks to strengthen and renew health and healing activities in the Anglican Church throughout the world. NEHM is an important and supportive partner in AHN. Matthew and I are keen to invite parishes to share their experience of health ministry and to reflect together on the impact of community programs, pastoral care and prayer not just in the US, but in the wider world.

As I write I am taking part in the conference of the Anglican Peace and Justice Network. Anglicans have gathered from around the world in my home city of Geneva. It is a wonderful reminder of the energy and creative stimulus of gathering with fellow Anglicans from very different traditions and experiences. This at a time when the bonds of communion within our Church seem so weak.

When politics are put to one side we find that we have much in common and much to learn. As I have talked with fellow Anglicans from a whole range of settings I have found health to be high on the agenda. Our colleagues feel called to extend their work. The assumption that health care should be offered only by government services or profitable businesses is no longer justified. Anglican health facilities in Africa, Asia and the Americas have recognized unique opportunities in their work, believing that they add value not found in either of these other sectors.

I looking forward to sharing more in future blogs, but at this stage I am glad to introduce this initiative to you. For further information, check out our website: www.anglicanhealth.org.

Rev. Paul Holley is the coordinator for the Anglican Health Network.