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Calling All Gardeners! AmpleHarvest.org Opportunity

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Reduce Hunger and Malnourishment In Your Community AND Help The Environment In Only One Day

Got more Questions? Check out the Ample Harvest FAQ here.

Two Problems:

  1. Food Pantries* Nationwide Desperately Need Fresh Food
  2. Wasted Excess Garden Produce Is Bad For The Environment.

One Solution:

AmpleHarvest.org enables millions of growers nationwide to donate excess garden produce to a local food pantry.

Spend a few hours just once and help eliminate hunger and malnutrition in your community while improving the environment. It's as simple as A B C D:

Ask a food pantry in your community sign up at AmpleHarvest.org. It's free! Do it!
Bring AmpleHarvest.org to the growers in your community Do it!
Contact your friends nationwide and tell them what you did - and ask them to do it too. Do it!
Donate excess garden produce from your garden to a nearby food pantry. Do it!

Nearly 6,000 food pantries nationwide use AmpleHarvest.org to help nourish their community. We need your help to get more food pantries in your community get more fresh food.

What I'm Doing Today

I have a neighbor with a large urban garden. I printed off this flyer and today I'm going to stop by their house and be sure they know about AmpleHarvest.org. A simple step that might lead to someone in need enjoying fresh, delicious vegetables!

Want to read a great story about how a garden transformed parishes in Great Barrington, MA? Here you go.