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Affordable Care Act Follow Up!

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<h1>Affordable Care Act Follow Up!</h1>

Wow! After a rocky start, I'm amazed that the Affordable Care Act was still able to reach its first year goal for enrollment! I want to personally thank you for your help in spreading the word and pass along the thanks of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (below). 

We now ask you to please contact us at nehm@episcopalhealthministries.org to let us know about your outreach and education experiences; what worked well, what can be improved, etc. We will then collect your information and share it with our partners at HHS. This feedback will help tremendously as HHS strives to make improvements and an even better 2015 open enrollment.

So please, send us your successes, failures, and feedback. We need to hear from your work on the ACA, whether it was education or enrollment-based. Thank you for all your work on this critical issue!

-Matthew Ellis, Episcopal Health Ministries

From the team at CMS Office of Communications:

Together, we have helped over 7 million people get enrolled in coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace! We could not have done this without each of you.  Take a moment and reflect what your work means for your fellow neighbors, friends, and community members who now have the peace of mind and safety of being insured. For over the past six months up until the end of open enrollment on March 31, 2014, you have worked hard to make sure that individuals and families in your communities are informed about how they stand to benefit from the Affordable Care Act and the Marketplace. A tremendous thank you for stepping up to this commitment.

We know the work continues with ensuring that your networks and constituents are well-informed about how to access their health care benefits and to prepare the countless others who can still benefit from coverage through the Marketplace during the 2015 open enrollment period.

Profoundly – thank you.   I look forward to working with you in the coming months and into the next open enrollment.


Susie Butler
Acting Director, Partner Relations Group
CMS Office of Communications