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A Visit to the Village

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<h1>A Visit to the Village</h1>

Note: Matthew Ellis and his wife Karen recently went on a mission trip to Kenya. This post is from Karen about one of her experiences there. 

Our trip to Kenya has been more fantastic than I could have ever imagined. Our group has met so many kind souls and been involved with such fulfilling projects. That makes it very difficult to pick just one event to share; however, here we go.

We toured the village that houses a lot of the children that attend the Dickson Montessori school. The villagers were kind enough to invite us into their homes which were made out of sticks, mud, and water. The hut I visited consisted of 3 small rooms: a bedroom, kitchen, and a general area. The bedroom contained 4 pads which were used as beds and lying on the floor. The kitchen consisted of a place for a fire and a kettle along with a chicken clucking in the corner. The general area held a few belongings such as clothes, but it was more like an entryway with no furnishings.


Just at the back of the village was a meadow that connected to a second village. Many children from the second village saw us and traveled up the hill to see the strange visitors. The children were frightened and nervous, but curious enough to take a closer look. While most of children hung back a bit, a little girl about 2 years old bravely walked right up to me and grabbed my hand. She wore a little green dress with a large hole in the side of it, no undergarments, and no shoes, and yet there was so much beauty. Her name was Bonnie and she stole my heart.

Karen Ellis is married to NEHM CEO Matthew Ellis.

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