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A Little Pick-Me-Up in the Email Today...

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<h1>A Little Pick-Me-Up in the Email Today...</h1>

From the Diocese of Bethlehem (PA):

At 3:00 p.m. on Good Friday, representatives of the group met at a local farm and joined to walk the “final mile” together, although the goal had already been reached.  Relationships, which up to that time had largely been in cyber-space, were deepened through the sharing of hand-shakes, hugs, and words of “well done”.  Foundations of friendships were laid during the event, and at our Good Friday meeting.  Much of the conversation that day centered not on the exercise we had all undertaken but, rather, on the spiritual insights gained through the provided meditations and scripture passages.

Thanks to all who participated, but especially to National Episcopal Health Ministries for the development of a truly excellent physical/spiritual program!

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