Our vision
...that every Episcopal congregation becomes a vibrant, caring place of health and wholeness.

Our mission promote health ministry in Episcopal congregations, assisting them to reclaim the Gospel imperative of health and wholeness.

Our commitment is to:

  • Christ as Healer
  • Health as a holy, natural and continuous process
  • Stewardship of the body and all God's creation
  • Authentic and holy relationships
  • Integration of the inner journey and the external life
  • Reconciliation in a broken and fragmented world

Who we serve:

  • Health ministers who promote health and healing within Episcopal congregations
  • Episcopal congregations
  • Episcopal clergy
  • Episcopal dioceses and provinces

How we serve:

  • Educating leaders for Episcopal health ministry and parish nursing
  • Supporting those engaged in health ministry in Episcopal congregations through membership opportunities
  • Providing resources to local congregations, diocese and provinces
  • Collaborating with other faith communities, institutions and health organizations

Our Board of Directors:

The Rt. Rev. John Rabb, Baltimore MD                             The Rt. Rev. James Magness, Washington DC      

Robert Strange, Indianapolis, IN                                        The Rev. Babs Meairs, San Diego, CA

Ms. Linda Heitger, Canton, OH                                         The Rev. Ann Boyd, Hagerstown, MD  

The Rev. Nancy Threadgill, Mobile, AL                               Mrs. Susan Wahlstrom, Sutter Creek, CA

Our Staff:

We are a volunteer organization without paid staff